Designer Sinead Murphy

‘Slow life, love lock’  was my first introduction to Sinead Murphy’s studio and creative mind. These words were engraved on a small plaque, fixed to the front door of a shed in the middle of no where and adorned with a simple wattle branch. I wasn’t entirely convinced that I was at the right location until discovering this quirky accessory. Little details often impress me the most and when I walked into Sinead’s workspace, I was not disappointed. It was a feast for my camera lens as I scanned the surroundings – an old print press, sketches turned wall art, tools, hand stitched projects, a fake hand gun, maiden hair ferns (god only knows how to keep those diva plants living) and a cute-as puppy. It was only supposed to be a 45 minute shoot, but I was there well over an hour photographing the details that complimented the fresh interior and Sinead’s charm.
I’ve recently discovered a passion for photographing entrepreneurs, transforming passions into successful careers and Sinead was just as inspiring as I imagined. Shortly following the completion of her study at Shillington College in Melbourne last year, she opened the doors to Lovelock, a small design studio based in Port Fairy, Victoria. Specialising in branding, print, stationery, and web design, with some fun art projects on the side, this girl has got it going on. She recently won The Emerging Talent award at the National Create Design Awards and has featured in the popular Frankie magazine (along with one of my photos of her – yay!). Photos also take up three pages in this month’s edition of Collective Magazine. It’s hard not to be impressed by Sinead’s artfulness and the life style she has created for herself. Her designs are playful and unique, yet always seem relevant and considered.
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