Simon & Amelia

They said they had a few cool locations around the Otways to take me. More like a lot of the best locations ever! I could have spent days exploring secret forrests and cliff top views with these two.

It rained and it poured and not a single person minded. We arrived at the Ceremony to find guests dodging rain drops as they desperately moved the outdoor furniture and arbor to within the dry surroundings of the marquee. Yikes! A whole Ceremony relocation at the last minute just as the bride is rolling up!? Yes. I spied Milly’s face as the car came to a halt and saw that that big, contagious smile of hers was not going anywhere. She actually looked excited about rushing down the muddy aisle in the rain with her dad towards her husband to be. And it couldn’t have been any more beautiful.

Milly and Simon – the most relaxed and happy duo with the most relaxed and happy guests. So much love for this day and these guys and the Otways rainforest and the 12 apostles coast line and the adventures had in the 4WD cars on the day. I didn’t mean for that last sentence to involve so many things, but I couldn’t stop! It really was an amazing experience. Thank you for inviting me Milly & Simon. Lots of love x

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