Tom & Kim

And every so often, you meet a couple like this.

A musician and a yoga instructor.

An adventurous artist and a radiant teacher of an ancient, undefined practice.

Both are extremely talented, both are inspiring and both project a certain type of serenity that leaves you feeling strangely relaxed and humbled. I have so much respect and admiration for these two.

I’ve enjoyed Tom Richardson’s music for many years, as have many others nationally and internationally. For a serious toe tapping session, head on over to his website

Kim is instructor and owner of Seachange Yoga in Warrnambool. My Body, Mind & Heart are all excited about a program that my mum and I have recently signed up to: I can’t wait.

Oh and these two contagious spirits are also very much in love with each other. Take a look.



Thank you to the Antique store in Killarney for inviting us into their world of fantastic bits and bobs and odds and ends.

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